About us

Oree Vape is a brand specializing in electronic cigarette with the most innovative designs and the best flavors.With a commitment to innovation, aesthetics, and flavor, Oree offers a range of cutting-edge vaping devices that deliver an extraordinary experience.Oree vapes have rapidly taking root and rising in the American, European, and Middle Eastern markets. https://www.oreeworld.com/images/admin/upload/20230711/fc3ac1bf8435be0d3241d83a23558eff.jpg

Our Values

Oree originates from our core values “User First”, we are passionate to bring users unique, passional, Joyful experience by creative products. 

Our Team

Based on our core value “User First”, we created a professional, creative and collaborated team to provide the product with the most innovative design and the best flavors.

Our Prospect

to become a most trustable and valueable vaping brand

Our Mission

Chasing dreams, to make it shinning and switch to have a pleasant life by providing the best disposable vapes.